Sermon 04-10-16

Sermon 03-27-16



Sermon 03-13-16

Sermon 02-21-16 Humility


Sermon 02-14-16 Repentance


Sermon 02-07-16 The Woman at the Well


Sermon 01-31-16 Second Sign

Sermon 01-17-16 The Wedding

Sermon 01-10-16 The Baptism

Sermon 122715 We Are All Witnesses Keith Sandell

Sermon 121315 Jesus Brings Love

Sermon 12-13-15 Jesus Brings Love

Missionary News December 2015

Please take a moment to read a the most recent news from December of 2015 from Peru missionary Jed Koballยป

Sermon 120615 Jesus Brings Peace

Sermon 11-29-15 Jesus Brings Hope

Sermon 11-22-15: Rejoice in All Circumstances