February’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The columns for 2017 have been focusing on how to go deeper in your faith, using spiritual disciplines to do so.  The disciplines that I have written about so far are:  study of the Word of God; worship attendance; scripture study with others (Sunday School and Bible Study), evangelism (inviting others to Church and Sunday School), confession, fasting, meditation,  solitude, simplicity, thanksgiving, submission, and prayer. If you want to revisit any of them, please call the office for a copy of that month’s column.

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As we enter Lent, the last discipline that we will explore is service. Very simply put, service is the desire and thus resultant action to help another person.  It comes from the compassion that God has placed in our hearts and souls.  Service flows from our relationship with God.  The deeper we go in love and like with God, the more we want to help those who do not have this relationship that we enjoy with the Father in heaven.

Often we confuse service with something grand such as going to a foreign country to minister there. Service is local and immediate and embraces the idea that all have been made in the image and likeness of God and thus we are to touch each person with the dignity they deserve as one of God’s special made creations.  So, when we help at the Food Bank, or treat the waitress with dignity, we are engaging in service.

True service means that we serve those we like and those we do not like. True service is not denied if the person has been cruel to us or has ignored us.  Service in the purest sense is how we can demonstrate God through our lives.

As we serve those around us in the love of Jesus Christ, we show others that we are God’s own and that we are truly grounded in grace, that we live in love, and are growing for God.

In Christ’s Love,  Pastor Mark