January’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In January, we begin the season of Epiphany—the season of light, where we celebrate the light of Christ come into this world.  We in the church are the ones who share the light because the light of Christ has been given to us.  We share the light in the church and in the world.

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I read a selection about what the Church is all about.  I thought how beautiful and how fitting because I see us in this poem.  It is written by Ann Weems, and is titled, This Church.

“We don’t pretend to understand the mystery of what goes on in God’s church.

We just know we feel a pervading spirit of love that reaches into the niches of all of us and pulls us out into the open, free and alive and belonging.

We believe this spirit of love exists because God’s Spirit lives within this church, this unity of persons trying to be the Good News.

We see this Church as a circle of persons holding hands…and dancing…supporting each other, accepting each other, loving each other.

Each person in this circle of love is facing outward…reaching into God’s world, listening for the whimpering, watching for the hurting, willing to offer a cup of cold water in His name.

Sometimes they need the water; sometimes you need the water; sometimes I need the water.

Being a part of the Church means knowing that the cup is always filled in His name.”

Thank you for your generous response to the Angel Tree, the Christmas Bells, the Community Outreach, and the donations to the Salvation Army bucket, as well as filling the Toys for Tots box.  You have shined your light brightly into our community.

We seek to be faithful to the call that we share in ministry together.  We do this so that we can be faithful to the task of being grounded in grace, living in love, and growing for God.

In Christ’s Love,  

Pastor Mark