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Legacy Hall and Memorial Garden

“All things bright and beautiful” so a beloved hymn begins. Folks walking into Legacy Hall, our new banquet room, for the first time spoke those same words. It is indeed bright, beautiful and spacious. Even with a crowd of over 200 on its dedication day and a large crowd again during the Father’s Day coffee hour, there was plenty of room for families and friends to gather and fellowship. No longer do people have to finish quickly so they can give their seats to those waiting to sit.
Legacy Hall has been well used in its first month of completion. Besides the two gatherings mentioned above, during VBS week. Teachers and helpers and their families were fed delicious suppers prepared by the Fellowship Committee. Then during class time, the Adult VBS class met on the other side of the room. There has also been a Deacon’s fundraiser tea. Legacy Hall continues the spirit of food, friendship and fellowship that matches St. Andrew’s namesake.

The bright and beautiful blessings of Legacy Hall continue outside. The Memorial Garden has now been landscaped with a few flowering trees and perennials. The grounds in front of the large windows of Legacy Hall are adorned with red roses and yellow flowers. Even the courtyard between the addition and the sanctuary has been planted with a variety of perennials and bushes. Through these plants, we are reminded of promise of life eternal found in Jesus Christ.

This wonderful building and the beautiful gardens are the result of all our combined efforts over the past 10 years. Whether we donated money through various fundraisers, memorial donations, or pledges made during our capital campaigns, we must all agree that our goal was achieved. We wanted a large fellowship hall, with a ground level kitchen where our church family could fellowship as one body. The beautiful gardens outside accentuate the beauty found inside. Together, we worked to make this possible and together we will enjoy using it for years to come. Thanks to the New Building Committee for the wise design decisions that were made and are now appreciated. We indeed are blessed.

As the hymn mentioned above continues, “All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.” And so we thank God for blessing us with Legacy Hall.