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November Newsletter

Dear Friends,
As we complete seven months of dealing with the COVID-19 concerns and issues, I would like to point out that the call of Christian purpose has never been clearer. In the middle of all of this, the Apostle Paul’s call has still been the best response to this whole crisis—In Everything Give Thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

It is obvious that Paul never lived through COVID, otherwise he would never have said that we should give thanks…in everything?! Even in the middle of COVID?! As we look back over these last number of months, what can we lift in thanksgiving to God?
Before this call, Paul reminded us that we should “Rejoice always, pray without ceas-ing.” We are able to get through life by rejoicing. What is it that we can rejoice? We can re-joice in our salvation. We can rejoice that God has called us to be children of God. We can rejoice that we live in a country in which we can freely vote. We can rejoice that Jesus Christ has loved us and continues to love us. We can rejoice that God has breathed life into us—does all of this not sound like a statement of gratitude?

We are called then to pray. We have done a great deal of praying during these last number of months. We have prayed for protection and God has provided us with a shield. We have prayed for healing and God has given us living water. We have prayed for insight and guidance and God has shown us a way. We have sought God’s face to be able to see be-yond the storm and see the One who controls the storm. And God has shown up– to lead us and calm us and provide. Does this not sound like a statement of gratitude?

And then we give thanks! Every time that we rejoice, we give thanks. Every time we pray, we acknowledge that God is the Almighty One for which we give thanks.
Even in the midst of COVID, we need to give thanks. It gives us perspective and calms our hearts. We thank God that we have incredible medical advances, that we are in a caring community that helps us get through, that we can have integrity during this trying time. And we thank God that He is still on the throne.
As we give thanks, we show that we are grounded in grace, living in love, and growing for God.

Your faithful servant, Pastor Mark

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