September Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The columns for 2017 have been focusing on how to go deeper in your faith, using spiritual disciplines to do so. Though I have not used the words “Spiritual Disciplines” yet, each of the suggestions that I have made involve disciplines that we need to grow in our faith.

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The disciplines that I have written about so far are: study of the Word of God; worship attendance; scripture study with others (Sunday School and Bible Study), evangelism (inviting others to Church and Sunday School), confession, fasting, meditation, and prayer.

The discipline that I would like to highlight this month is confession. Generally we think of confession as simply a private matter between us and God. In reality, confession has a corporate aspect to it in the sense that when we offend another, we go and confess our error.

We often think that the core of confession is admitting when I am wrong. In reality, the core of confession is love. We love God and Jesus so much that we are willing to set the situation
straight by correcting a wrong that we have done. When we fail God, we need to correct that issue by confessing our sin. Also, when we offend another, we are also offending God because we show our love for God by showing our love to others.

Confession is specific in the sense that we confess specific sins we have done. It is not effective if we say, “God forgive any wrong I may have done.” The reason that this is not effective is that without recognition of our wrong, there is a greater chance we will repeat it because we don’t know what we have done wrong. Confession sets all relationships right in the sense that we wipe away the hurt and the past so that we can live effectively in the present.

As we are serious about our relationships with others and with God by confessing our faults, God helps us to live out our mission statement to the world that we are grounded in grace, living in love, and growing for God.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Mark