September’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In this column last year, we looked at what it means to be a member of or attached to a church. We explored that membership involves a declaration, a declaration that Jesus Christ is primary in our lives. In our world that presents so many distractions and alternatives, it is important for us to declare that we belong to Christ. One of the ways in which we do that is to attend church and attach ourselves to a church.

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In addition to that, we discussed that we are to live out our faith in Christ in the church because this is where we can put into practice the attitudes and actions that we learn in Church. Involvement means Church attendance as well as other aspects of Church life from coming to the fellowship and meal events to Bible Study to Sunday School to being involved in the ministry of St. Andrew. We provide a wide variety of places for a person to make a difference in this world from the Food Bank to Harvest Hoedown to the Homeless Shelter to Helping Hands to Youth Group to the Mission Trip. This month, you will receive a stewardship letter explaining all of the ways in which you can serve our Lord by serving the Church.

In addition to this, being attached to a church means that we are to be welcoming of others, even if they look different than us. We are to invite others to come and enjoy the fellowship and joy that we share here.

We also ask that you serve by giving—not only of your time and energy but also your finances. As you have heard at various points throughout the year, it involves money to be able to provide the ministry opportunities and the blessings of the staff that we do. Once again, the stewardship letter will explain this in greater detail.

Finally, please remember that this is not only to your benefit but to the benefit of others. As we live out our call, we are a blessing to the world as Christ blesses us. And so as members and attenders of the Church, when we live out the love of Christ, we show others that we are truly grounded in grace, that we live in love, and are growing for God.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Mark