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Christian Education

Meet the Committee:

Chair: Tammy Coyle

Co-Chair: Dave Long

Tri-Chair: Zerach Malecki

Christian Education Committee
This committee supervises the Christian Education of the St. Andrew Church family and strengthens the congregation and the community through social activities scheduled throughout the year.
The committee oversees and supports the Director of Christian Education and outreach for Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, and all activities for children, and youth programs.
Upcoming Church Events
Thursday, November 5, November 15, and November 30Helping Hands (10:00am)
Tuesday, November 7:  The evening Book Club has been postponed.
Monday, November, 27Supper Club at Western Sizzlin (5:30 pm)
Note: Sunday, November 12, is the last day of the Bible study, “Victory in Spiritual Warfare” by Tony Evans.







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