Whether you are a visitor, a member, or a friend faraway, we invite you to make Saint Andrew your church home. We are a dynamic and growing congregation with activities for youths, adults, singles, and families. Saint Andrew’s mission doesn’t end at our church door. We are actively involved in our community, participating in the special needs of those around us and sharing the Good News of Christ. We hope that you will join us and look forward to seeing you at our 8:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. Sunday service!

October Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In this column this year, we are going to focus on what it means to be a member of, or attached to, a church. Last month, we looked at the fact that the Church is the training ground for we Christians. It is a place where we learn how to be followers of the Almighty One.

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September Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Last year, this column of mine in the newsletter focused on how to deepen your faith using the spiritual gifts that we have in our Christian walk. This year, I would like for us to ponder what it means to be a member of a church, or what it means to be attached to a church.

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St. Andrew’s 2018 Mission Team

St. Andrew’s 2018 mission team visited Big Creek, Kentucky from Monday, July 15th through the July 21st. They shared details about their mission trip during Sunday, July 22nd’s services. Listen to the Sermon Here

St. Andrew's 2018 Mission Team