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The Deacons offer the following ministries:

  • St. Andrew Prayer Shawl/Blanket Ministry – Shawls, Blankets & Quilts are made by the “Crafters of St. Andrew” and are given to members and friends that are going through a difficult time or to a baby that is being baptized.

  • St. Andrew Prayer Email – prayer requests are emailed out at least once a week so our members/friends can pray for those people.
  • St. Andrew Meal Ministry – frozen meals or soup is provided to those that have lost a loved one, going through cancer treatments, or have other illnesses that would cause the person or family to need a meal.
  • St. Andrew Deacons can be reached at if you have a question, concern, or would like to be part of one of these ministries.


Our Parish leaders

Parish 1    Vivian Suffecool
   Parish 2    Terri Long –  Deacon Co-Moderator/Coffee Hour 
   Parish 3    Shirley Fox
Parish 4    Jennifer Johnson
Parish 5    Tammy Jamison
Parish 6    Frances Hardy
Parish 7    Jenny Brown
Parish 8    Jennifer Metz
Parish 9    Stacy MacMillan –  Deacon Moderator
Parish 10  Maureen “Mo” Theriault
Parish 11  Chris Lunsford
Parish 12  Annette Sandell
   Parish 13  Libby Llewellyn
   Parish 14  Lisa Scumpieru
   Youth Parish Leader  Grace McDonald

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