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May Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we enter a new month of this year, we can learn a great deal from Jesus’ parables. I will be sharing a Wednesday message concerning the parables on Facebook Live. In the para­bles, Jesus shared many great truths concerning who we are and our place in the kingdom of God.

The word parable is a Greek word which means to throw something alongside of some­thing else. So literally a parable is a story that is thrown or applied alongside of a spiritual thought or truth. One of the ways in order to remember what a parable is, is this simple defini­tion-a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

Jesus used the parables in order to illustrate a spiritual principle. He used everyday events, something that we all can understand, in order to illustrate a spiritual concept that is at times hard to understand. To give you an example, the first parable that we will focus on is the parable of the Sower. This is one of the parables that Jesus explains to the disciples of His day and thus to us of our day. The seed that is sown is the Word of God and the·Sower is any­one who sows the seed.

This applies to us in the modern day time/ We are Sowers. When we embrace the love of Jesus Christ, we are the ones who are given the responsibility to share the seed which is the Word of God. Does this mean that we need to understand every bit of the Bible before we can share? By no means. In fact, we are to share what we know and how God has touched us. If you read the sharing of the Word of God by the apostles found in the Book of Acts, they simply share what God has done. Once the Word is shared, it is now God’s responsibility to grow the seed that we planted.

May we realize that we are given the opportunity to show the love of God as we share the Word of God. When we embrace that we are Sowers, we can change the lives of those around us by introducing others to the fact that we are grounded in grace, living in love and growing for God here at St. Andrew.

Your faithful servant,
Pastor Mark

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