October Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In this column this year, we are going to focus on what it means to be a member of, or attached to, a church. Last month, we looked at the fact that the Church is the training ground for we Christians. It is a place where we learn how to be followers of the Almighty One.

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Continuing with the thoughts out of the Book of Order, another aspect of being a faithful member means, “taking part in the common life and worship of a congregation.” The Scripture is where this thought originates. In Luke 4, Jesus is found in the temple worshipping. The verse states that this was Jesus’ custom to attend worship. Jesus set the example for us believers that we are not lone rangers in this world, attempting to deal with life on our own. We are called to be part of a worshipping community. When I think that Jesus needed to attend worship, I am humbled. If He needed it, how much more do I need to be in worship.

As was His custom, He attended worship. Even though Jesus was the Word of life, He still went to hear the minister talk about life. Even though Jesus wrote the Bible, He went to hear someone preach on it. Even though Jesus’ thoughts were deep and powerful, He still went to worship to hear another share their insights. Jesus demonstrated that we get connected to God by being with the people of God. This speaks volumes about the need and power of worship.

In addition to this, a faithful member is involved in the life of the congregation. When someone is involved in the activities that we provide here, lives are touched. People are touched by the ministry done here. People are touched by the programs shared here. Others are touched by reaching out in love that we present here. And we are touched because we are sharing in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

As we embrace the need for worship, then we intentionally bless others and ourselves in the process. In our worship, we show others that we are truly grounded in grace, that we live in love, and are growing for God.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Mark